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Problem: Government Fails To Deliver. Solution: Reservation In Bureaucracy To Be Removed.

In Bharat, leadership of all kinds of governments announce huge schemes, some of them real good. Unfortunately, most of the schemes fail miserably to reach to the people who require them the most, one can still see healthcare, education or most of the other public services in a shoddy state. Certainly, people who build these systems or processes are not the political leaders, they are bureaucrats. That is the reason I feel the way bureaucracy is recruited or appointed needs to be changed. I am surprised that political leaders so far have not realized that most of their electoral promises either get fulfilled or not get fulfilled depending on how efficient or inefficient bureaucrats work. And if they have realized, they have not changed the way bureaucrats are recruited. Currently, most of the organizations or departments in the government have reservations based on the caste. Then there are reservations for relatives of people who died on-duty. I really hope one day there will b

Problem: Bharat's Outdoor Statues. Solution: Don't Make Statues, Make Quality Infrastructure.

Some of the people in Bharat now considers China as a competition in regards to its development and economic growth. I am one of them. I have visited China multiple times and every time I go there I feel Bharat has lot more to catch up in terms of technology, work culture and culture of new age.  One of the news I read grabbed my attention is that Chinese government has ordered crackdown on large outdoor religious statues. I have read lot of times in Bharat has seen riots or highly tense situation in a locality or in a city. Bharat should really consider crackdown or stop building religious statues in outdoor areas, they should be built only inside the museum or private property. There have been incidents of riots just because someone mischievous or intentionally maligned the statue of one religion. Statues also eat up lot of money wherein Bharat needs money for getting people out of poverty. Yet again, wrong priorities set most of the times in the government's budgets to please