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My Country Hindustan's Problems and Possible Solutions - Casteism

This is a blog about my country Hindustan's problems that I see or face and its possible solutions. One of the biggest problems and probably, the oldest one is casteism - a reservation system based on the caste. I can confidently say that it is not a problem that common people of Hindustan have created and nourished but it is largely created by the powerful people like politicians, religious leaders and ones with wasted interests for their own benefits. I can confidently say that because I have traveled through bus, trains, and stayed in many areas of Hindustan and experienced that people have bigger problems to care about in their routine than to know what caste one belongs to. Not once I am asked what religion I belong to. I asked for the help and I have got the help – from the poorest to richest, people are good and they help, they care. If it is after 60 years of independent Hindustan, our politicians and religious leaders can still divide us based on caste then there is