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Hindustan's Public Transportation - Problems and Possible Solutions

Namaste! In this blog, I take public transport as a problem and propose solutions as a citizen. This problem is one major problem because it directly connects with pathetic traffic conditions that most of the Indian cities are facing, poor air conditions which impacts climate to change.  In Hindustan, there are agencies for public transportation  working independently than each other in each of its cities/places. Public transportation includes buses and metros which are either in planning stage or already built. In Hindustan, we find different agencies, colors, types of buses, types of metro, ticketing systems, operation timings etc. being used there in public transport. If someone from city 'A' wants to travel in city 'B', he/she will have to invest some time to understand how it works and most probably, city A and B will have exactly opposite strategy and operations of each other of how they work.  It faintly gives a glimpse of how current Hindustan functi