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Bharat's Cultural Pressure to Have A Baby - Noone Wants To Talk About It

Hi. I have to take up this subject and write about it because I am seriously curious to know how many couples in my country really have kids because they really want to have one and how many of them have given up to the pressure or expectations that their parents, in-laws, other family members or friends or even co-workers put on them. I will not be surprised if more than 50% fail to handle the pressure and decide to have a first child. It does not stop there, after first child, expectations are to have a second child within 3-5 years after first child.  I am not at all against having babies rather I love babies and I imagine I would have one ourselves one day but it is not difficult to understand that there are lot of problems in our country because we have been told to respect elders so much so that they do not allow people in their early or late 20s to decide when to do what. Most of the elders think they have managed to raise kids and they had kids in their 20s, the next gene