Support One-Child Policy & Change in Religious Celebrations

#1 - Bharat needs to adopt one-child policy

The recent report from UN has shown that Bharat will be the most populous nation on the earth very soon. It is urgent need that policy-makers do pay attention to this problem. Huge population will be putting burden on the system which is already short of resources such as food, water, house and clean air.

#2 - Bharat needs to control religious celebrations that harm nature

Policy-makers should appeal to all religions including Hindus, Muslims etc. for stopping their celebrations that damage natural resources. Muslims kill animals in masses on Eid where as Hindus burst crackers in Diwali and there are such celebrations in other religions too. Religious leaders need to be appealed and should help taking people from their respective communities in confidence to stop or minimize the effect of celebration over the nature. Ultimately, earth has limited resources for humankind and it is a high time that we all understand that and start making changes in celebrating the festivals. 

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