Bharat's Brand Image and Tourism

It is very important that Bharat builds its image and build its brand to attract tourism as it is one of the easiest way to connect with the world and bring foreign investment to the country.
To do that, I appeal to all the Bhartiya people to try and understand importance of marketing and sales. The least one can do is put more positive things in public forums about the country than the negative things. Consumer psychology is the one of the most important parameter that one needs to study and use in marketing and sales. As a decision to buy in anything is a psychological one. Companies try to connect with the psychology of its buyers and build great brand and reputation which then make it lot easier to sell its products and services.
Similarly, a country has to build it's brand, image and reputation of being friendly to tourists to attract more tourism. Tourism could be the easiest foreign investment that a country can get if tourism-friendly environment is created. The tough part is how a country can build it's image and reputation as it doesn't only involve government but it's people too.
Bharat has a great saying that goes "Atithi Devo Bhav" that means a visitor to your place is like a god.
Here are ideas I could thought of after traveling 20 odd countries and few of the Bharat's touristic places. You can also contribute to the ideas by commenting down below of the blog :
1) cleanliness - giving out responsibility to build toilets, recycling plants to  the temples, churches, masjids. Political risks but to be taken in confidence. Appeal to public for contribution.
2) pollution free, bicycle friendly, neat public transport
3) export yoga-gurus, meditation knowledge
I have seen Chinese massage parlour in many countries opened up with the support of Chinese government, it is one of the influence on the culture as well as export of their services. Bharat should start meditation and yoga centre.
4) tourism information booths, brochures, maps, discount coupons
5) for all possible tourist destinations, online portals and facility to buy tickets through portal
6) tax refund (I read GST refunds for foreigners would be available in near future)
7) dedicated sightseeing transportation
8) compulsory course in school and colleges about do's and don't do's. Benefits of tourism to the country and how one can contribute to the same
9) less noisy - "sorry" is the meaning of horn if you honk.
10) inter destination marketing. If person travels to one touristic place, he should be able to buy tickets - 1) for similar tourist place 2) nearby tourist place
Example idea, forts in Maharashtra can be visited under one program

It is very saddening to see some of the media houses color the whole country as rapist or lynching. In a country of more than a billion population, 5-10 incidents happen and Bharat is labelled. Though I condemn any of such incidents but colouring/labelling whole country under that is something some of the media houses, especially the ones owned by foreign entities are doing it. I hope journalists will do a favour to majority of people by not labelling the whole country or whole community for few incidents.

Jai hind!


sanjaynpunjabi said…
Unbelievable! What a beautifully penned blog. Well done.
Yash Mandlecha said…
Lovely passionate style of writing. Nice points !

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