Birth certificate and aadhar card


In this blog, I want to put forward an idea for making life of parents of new born baby easy. Currently, parents struggle to get birth certificate issued after the baby is born without which many things like PAN card,  bank account etc. cannot be initiated.

Bhartiya government needs to make it mandatory for all hospitals/local bodies to get aadhar card and birth certificate issued before they can discharge the patient and a new born baby. I feel it is of utmost important for country's security and individual's identity as well as to know almost real-time data of birth rate using which further policies related to family planning can be created.
Our hospitals do not have any facilities to get birth certificate issued online which I think is feasible.
In Mahrashtra, the process is still manual and time consuming. It seems every state has its owb process. Maharashtra's online process is not easy and given toll free numbers on MahaGov website do not work. Paper form has to be filled up and needs to be given to the local body to get the birth certificate issued which takes anywhere between 15-45 days.

Government has already taken a step to issue an unique identity number as Aadhar card for all and connecting that with the hospitals. Issued Aadhar card for new born baby can have it's own bank account and health records linked to it's Aadhar making life easy for the baby and its parents. 

Thank you.


Mike said…

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